Packing Tips

Packing Tips

The key to protecting your belongings is proper packing, and we have the professional experience necessary to get the job done right. We also understand not everyone wants full service packing so we have provided you with some tips for our DIY customers.

All of our moving estimates include blanket wrapping and padding of basic furniture. This does not include any items that may contain glass or marble. Be sure to clarify with your moving consultant if this applies to any of your furniture.

If you have glass or marble table tops,shelves or doors we can help. We have the equipment, materials, and expert know-how to move your items safely. If you find yourself to be more of the DIY type, no problem! Follow our tips on how to pack them yourself.  


If you want to safely pack your fragile glass or marble items there are a few easy steps to follow.

Remove the glass or marble from exsisting structure if possible

Fully bubble wrap both sides and all edges of the glass or marble

Secure cardboard with tape around front,back and all edges of the glass or marble.


We can supply any materials your move may require. From wardrobe boxes to book boxes and everything in between we come prepared to meet our customers needs. If you have your own boxes that works too! Just be sure that all of your belongings are in secure boxes or plastic bins with proper tops. Make sure none of your belongings are in trash bags as this is not an acceptable secure container.

Pictures, Art & Mirrors

With certified professional packers and materials we can safely pack all of your wall decor giving you peace of mind. Or you can pack them yourselves following the same steps you would if it were glass or marble.


It is important your television is disconnected and unmounted from the wall if necessary. We supply a wide range of box sizes specifically for transporting t.v.s if you no longer have the origianl box. You also have the option of packing one up yourself at your local convenient store.


Ensuring exspensive items like your mattress is transported safely allow us to pack it in a mattress box. Bed Bug Proof mattress covers can also be purchased at any convenient store as well.

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